[Webinar] How The New Accounting Standard Change May Impact Your Equipment Lease Portfolio

Although intended to increase transparency of an entity’s leasing activities, FASB’s new Accounting Standards Codification Topic 842 (ASC 842) can still leave expenses that can generate a significant drag on the income statement out of view. Implementation of ASC 842 offers organizations an opportunity to evaluate the financial performance of equipment leases and gain a better understanding of their exposure to costs that the new standard does not capture on the balance sheet.

Get access to our webinar recording on the new ASC 842 as we:

  • Describe expenses that may remain off balance sheet following implementation of ASC 842.
  • Define a process to inventory existing leases, evaluate their financial performance, assess equipment lease contract risk, and ensure that future leases contain language to protect the lessee’s best interests.
  • Discuss implications of this review for decisions regarding the obtaining and financing of equipment and other assets.