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Equipment Lease Performance Monitoring

Our best practices based program minimizes risk exposure and reduces leasing costs. Our experts work with you to maintain your capital equipment lease programs to ensure they perform as expected, measure lease program performance, and drive continuous improvement through low-risk lease sourcing and vendor selection. We:

  • Perform customizable lease versus buy analysis.
  • Deliver reliable lease finance sources.
  • Negotiate contract terms and governing documents.
  • Facilitate the close of equipment lease deals.
  • Measure performance of equipment lease portfolio.

Our low-cost transparent fee structure makes it easy to engage with us.

Customized Lease Analysis and Review

A comprehensive lease versus buy analysis is a recommended step in your procurement process. That analysis, combined with performance monitoring of the lease, help build an effective lease management approach at your organization.

Lease Versus Buy Analysis

Before you move ahead with your equipment lease, it makes sense to make sure it is the right financial decision for your business.

Your lease versus buy analysis should be based on an analysis of your existing program’s financial performance along with the proposed rate and the terms and conditions of the proposed lease documents. Accounting for equipment leases should also be taken into consideration.

We help you design an effective analysis which is a key element of a best practices based capital equipment leasing program.

Program Oversight and Performance Reviews

Very few organizations measure the financial performance of equipment leases and rentals once those leases come to conclusion. Capturing this information is critical to driving continuous improvement.

LPRS works to:

  • Ensure lease language remains consistent.
  • Track all payments for each lease agreement.
  • Adjust lease versus buy based on performance.

Using this information, we can then renegotiate with lessors every few years, particularly around the time of any significant buyout or extension negotiations, to ensure improved performance.