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Low-Risk Equipment Lease Sourcing

LPRS delivers reliable lease finance sources that meet your organizational objectives while minimizing risk exposure and costs. We help you negotiate lease rates, as well as master lease agreements and other lease agreement terms and conditions to reduce lease program all-in cost and risk. We:

  • Review and rate the risk of master lease docs, lease schedules, and contract proposals.
  • Negotiate contracts and identify deal exposure.
  • Facilitate and simplify deal close.

We offer a transparent fee structure and 90-day payment terms for a 6-month engagement, with the option to continue working together.

Negotiation of Contract Terms and Governing Documents

Your lease agreement negotiations should focus on discussing terms that are appropriate for your unique business requirements and that harmonize terms across your lease portfolio.

Our Approach

Our professionals help navigate the negotiation process to deliver equipment lease contracts that work for your business and your bottomline. We mind the details and make sure your new lease includes:

  • Achievable return requirements
  • Easily met notice requirements regarding form and delivery
  • Well-defined and capped interim rent and end-of-term options
  • Default limitation and remedies
  • Clear-cut and flexible end of lease options

Master Lease Agreements and Schedules

Master lease agreements for equipment lease programs define the basic terms and conditions of your relationship with the leasing company and your obligations. Important elements of the lease program should be addressed in this document.

Often, instead of negotiating the master lease, companies define critical terms in the schedule documents, which can lead to misunderstandings and additional cost.

We negotiate your master lease agreements and schedules to cap your financial exposure and reduce the cost of your equipment lease.